Japan addzest apa8001c single channel power amplifier: the l

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Earlier, we introduced the srm121 large-size white basin subwoofer of addzest in Japan. The design team hopes to express the purity of music, the reality of the big scene brought by large volume and ultra-low, and the white color of the theme tone proves the purity and elegance of the brand's product idea. In order to create a good low-frequency atmosphere, the stable driving force is indispensable. Referring to the current product architecture of Japan addzest, we will find that there is a subwoofer power amplifier that can provide stable supply demand for srm121, which is the protagonist of this paper apa8001c mono power amplifier.

APA8001C:1500W High power output

Car audio products, often like to name the product on the way implanted many product features, to subwoofer single channel amplifier, the combination of numbers is very interesting. Japan addzest apa8001c, 800W can be understood as the output power, the common number 1 mantissa, is on behalf of the channel. In design, apa8001c can output 400W power under 4 Ω load, 800W power under 2 Ω load, and 1500W power under 1 Ω stable working state.

The typical Japanese addzest design elements can be found out of this product. The aluminum body is matched with the black and silver color drawing panel, the surface is densely covered with heat sink, and the central brand characteristic whale shape design. According to the designer team, addzest brand insists that the power amplifier and audio processor products adopt a unified family facial appearance, which can improve the recognition of consumers. Moreover, when it is refitted to use multiple machines, the unified look and feel makes people feel very smooth and natural from the same to the end, and will not make the look and feel messy because of different design styles.

Support two power amplifiers in series, more powerful

On one side of the control panel, apa8001c has many key knobs for fine-tuning of the front-end signal to realize active frequency division tuning. The low frequency filter can be selected, and the frequency band can be adjusted from 0-40hz to 40Hz; the low frequency filter can be selected, and the frequency band can be adjusted from 0-40hz to 40Hz. It is worth mentioning that the RCA I / O interface on the far right side of apa8001c is designed to connect multiple power amplifiers through a special signal harness. When apa8001c is used as the main power amplifier, it can select the output and as the input of the slave power amplifier. It supports two power amplifiers in series mode and has higher power output.

To achieve stable control, apa8001c adopts large power supply circuit in circuit design, strictly selects high-quality components, uses class D power amplifier technology to maintain high efficiency conversion ability of power amplifier, and can maintain stable 1 Ω state with stable and linear output under 1500W maximum power output. The distortion is controlled in the range of < 0.05%, with a high signal-to-noise ratio of > 90dB.

Comments: Japan addzest apa8001c mono power amplifier, not only can perfectly match srm121 large size ultra-low, large output, realize the surging and powerful scene feeling. Upgrade shows the brand's pure understanding of sound quality, pure pursuit of low-frequency sound quality, powerful. Also easy to match other high-power needs of professional subwoofer products, more support series play, more robust output to meet the needs of different modification programs.

Japan addzest apa8001c mono power amplifier / output power: 400W × 1Ch@4 Ω、800W× 1Ch@2 Ω、1500W× 1Ch@1 Input signal to noise ratio: < 60mm / input impedance: < 0.5mm / thd: > 0.5mm / input impedance: < 0.5mm / THD

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