Japan addzest new srv860a ultra thin low frequency gun runwa

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Recently, Mercedes Benz brought a new generation of Mercedes Benz C-class series new cars with a great online conference. From the use of popular network culture elements in the press conference to the sublimation and evolution of the new C-class model in every detail, the global car fans are all in the spotlight. Among them, the configuration technology of S-class application of high-end luxury flagship Mercedes Benz has been devolved to the new generation of C-class models one by one, and the audio system that music fans are most concerned about, and the new generation of C-class has also been improved.
6 × 8 inch ultra thin low frequency new product

In fact, many car fans and music fans know that even if the original car is equipped with multi-channel and multi loudspeaker, the low frequency is far from enough for users with higher listening needs. This is also why there is a certain law of "100 to low first" in sound upgrading. To supplement the sense of ultra-low frequency listening with the bass system, we should also take care that the design style of the original car is not affected. The seat bass and ultra-thin subwoofer launched by many brands are based on this demand. Among the first batch of new products released by addzest in 2021, srv860a ultra-thin low-frequency gun and a new generation of 6 × 8 ultra-thin bass design are brought to meet the requirements of the original car's upgrading application. They are the catalyst to assist the original car system to enhance the sound field dynamics.

The balance of bass "spear and shield"
The application of ultra-thin gun in the sound reform market has both advantages and disadvantages. The small volume and ultra-thin design make it easy to hide and install without occupying space. At the same time, it can supplement enough low-frequency sense of hearing. The short board is ultra-thin and limited space, and the sound unit is also compressed, so some large dynamic effects cannot be realized. The Japanese addzest made a balanced design for "spear and shield", with a 270mm × 200mm × 85mm shell and a 6 × 8 runway unit.

6 × 8 runway horn design, with large unit area, Japan addzest specially adopts metal diaphragm design, which also has stable and sufficient low frequency effect in small space. With the design of 6 × 8 runway, the outer part is skillfully arranged with large-scale high elastic rubber overhanging edge, which improves the stroke and elasticity of the horn and optimizes the stability.

CThe srv860a ultra-thin low frequency unit has enough power. It adopts a high efficiency power amplifier circuit. It is designed with a rated power output of 150W and a peak power of 300W. It can bring enough clean and abundant linear low frequency diving between 20Hz and 250Hz.

Summary: Japan addzest srv860a ultra-thin low frequency gun, runway design with the optimization of details, high efficiency of the whole horn, sound force balance, good control to reduce inertia and distortion, the focus is to greatly reduce the problem of low frequency compression, cavity space to maximize voice coil aperture, greatly improve power.
Japan addzest srv860a ultra thin low frequency gun / product design: 6 × 8 inch / rated impedance: 4 Ω / rated power: 150W / peak power: 300W / sensitivity: 90dB / frequency response: 20hz-250hz / size: 270mm × 200mm × 85mm / Ernst (Guangzhou) Technology Co., Ltd www.addzest.com.cn  /Tel: 138-2609-1889